Make Apps, Not Holywar

I am tired of Swift fanboys that are begging for holywars by comparing Objective-C with Swift. Just look at this gem:

Since obviously none of the two languages is superior in all imaginable metrics at once (at least Objective-C language name is better in terms of character length and worse in terms of character shortness), these "Swift > ObjC" statements are very close-minded. Dear fellow devs, please be more constructive and logical in your criticism — after all, logic and constructiveness are cornerstones of our profession.

I mean honestly, there are tons of ways to compare the two in a scientific way: performance, LOCs, feature sets, and much more. Not to mention all sorts of real life scenario comparisons like code readability and safety. Two examples of where Objective-C excels that come to my mind are extensibility (all Apple Mail plugins are written by method swizzling) and tool quality (I'm looking at you, SourceKit).

Please don't holywar. You just look silly.