Sick, healthy, and sick again

It was a dark couple of weeks here. Lots of rain and even some cold.

We’ve got a TV. Turns out, TVs are great! Ours is 4K HDR, and even being the smallest 4K HDR TV in the store, it feels like a cinema screen at home. I’ve added a soundbar to it, and it’s awesome. We’ve got out our Xbox One that was idle for 2 years and we’re playing Halo Reach. Feels like the good old days! And when it comes to movies, HDR is awesome. 

A wooden toy on our Christmas tree

A wooden toy on our Christmas tree

I was sick for a week before Christmas, working from home for a couple of days. I had to give up my plans for a nice Christmas dinner. Everything turned out ok, and I was even able to eat a little bit of KFC.

This week I was hyperproductive at work. I think even on the busiest day we were at 20% of people. Every possible deadline is either weeks away or long gone, so there was no distraction, nobody to nag me about a bug that needs to be urgently fixed. I was able to focus on whatever I wanted, and it was beautiful. I feel like just on Thursday and Friday I’ve achieved as much as in the past 2 months, and instead of feeling tired, I felt great.

Well, I felt great with one exception - I think I caught a cold! Hopefully I’ll be back to normal in time for the New Year!