Autumn in Père Lachaise


Many of you know that I live next to Père Lachaise, a famous cemetery in the East of Paris. It’s a charming place, and I love to walk there on a weekend. Unfortunately, it opens very late and closes really early, plus the entrances all close at a different hour, and as a result I can’t really go there during the week.

A7R01173 1.jpg

While there are many really original graves and statues, my favourite thing about it is the greenery - the trees, the flowers, the moss on the old stones. And of course all of this comes alive in autumn, when the trees turn bright red and yellow.


Today I took my camera with me, because I knew the place looks beautiful right now. The light wasn’t perfect, but I didn’t come for masterpieces - I came to capture the beautiful autumn, and to enjoy life. I also wanted to take a few pictures with Helios 44-2 which I had for a while but had no adapter for my new Sony body. You can tell the pictures from it by the characteristic swirly bubbly cateye bokeh.