My stopover

This February I was going on a business trip to Seattle, and I used this opportunity for a stopover in Iceland. The plan was to have a three night trip of the South coast, where the most exciting place for me is Jökulsárlón. However, due to unexpected circumstances, I had to change my tickets and only had one day in Iceland. I canceled my hotel reservations, got a room near the airport, and after dealing with a delayed (due to a snowstorm in Iceland) flight, I landed in Reykjavik. 


Since it's impossible to rent a car for less than two days, I was getting around by bus. Icelandair lost my luggage, which was actually to my advantage, as I had a change of clothes and all the warm winter stuff with me, alongside my camera. Therefore I was able to just head to the city, without making a stop in the hotel to drop my bag.

Our bus took twice the normal amount of time to get to the city, because the road was covered in snow. Sitting in the bus, watching the dark road and the snowflakes in the headlights, I felt like I was back in my hometown. Everything was going quite well, except my jetlag, which was totally killing me. 


When I got off the bus, I found myself on a dark street with a pile of snow and a sign for a bus stop. By the magic of Google maps, I figured which way I needed to go to get a coffee. Everything was still closed, as it was 7 AM, but after walking on that street for half an hour, I found one open pastry shop that served me an extremely expensive salmon sandwich and a cup of coffee. Yes, one thing I didn't miss about Iceland is the prices!

Reykjavik feels a lot like the old part of Akademgorodok, the small town in West Siberia where I'm from. I always found my home town charming, and therefore it was an absolute pleasure to wander around Reykjavik. As I was jetlagged, I didn't do anything of interest: I found a museum built around an archaeological site, admired the architecture, and spent an hour picking a late lunch spot. Having finished my (expensive) sandwich and my two (expensive) glasses of excellent Einstök beer, I got some Apelsin and Maltextact, then headed back to the hotel to take a shower and get some sleep before my morning flight. 

In conclusion, I really enjoyed my time in Reykjavik. It was a pain to get around by bus - driving is infinitely more practical in Iceland. Food in cafés is expensive, but the beer is really, really good. I will definitely try to make a stopover again if I go to North America, although next time I really hope to get out of the city and spend my time in the nature!